Tuesday, December 13


6:12PM. Me. Rushing towards my F train transfer at the Essex street stop. Carefully nudging pedestrians around me in an attempt to catch my train home. There be a fine line between straight up shoving and the graceful-rushed-glide that I have managed to perfect like I was a 14 year old Russian ice skating Olympian.

Sometimes I do wish I was a young Russian girl. Other times I brush my teeth with ivory sooooap. Notice how the extra ooo's give the word a bubble type soapy feel? Isn't there a definition for that in the English language? "Fucking Stupid!" yeah that's the word!

Where was I?

Oh right the subway. I slid down the stairs like a (insert perverted sexual analogy here).

I heard the doors closing as I made my final turn and mad dash for the train. About 5 feet away now! I leapt and extended my leg almost into a split and caught the door at the last possible moment with my foot.

YES! FRIGGING-A DUDE I MADE IT!!! For those who don't know, if you manage to hold the door the operator will eventually open them (almost always). They can't move the train until all doors are closed.

I was waiting, watching the door and my foot. Then I heard, "You could have just yelled out for me to hold the doors." It was the conductor who happened to be sticking his head out of the same car I had my foot in. I didn't realize it but he was literally 2 feet away from where I was standing, shaking his head at me.

Humbled, I bowed my head and said, "Sorry can you open the doors please." He did and I stepped in. In a second my triumphant feat was washed away with a simple head shaking.

Speaking of triumphant feet I need to wash mine they stink.

Anyway. On the train I starting thinking about the fact I should have just asked but then realized that most of the time when you ask the operators will just ignore you and take off anyway. When I got out at my stop I told the guy that and he said, "Yeah you're right man I realize that. But I would have opened it for you."

I said, "Well that's because you're a good guy. More people should be like you." He smiled and wished me a happy holiday.

good people.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger eefers said...

Sometimes we need moments like that to remind us that not everyone in New York is a complete asshole. Especially around the holidays. But don't mind me, I'm extra, super, duper mushy this holiday (Christmas for me) season. Ok, time to go plug in the lights on my office ficus tree and sing Christmas carols while I write grant applications....

On the other hand, maybe he just wanted to be nice to you because he didn't want people like you to blame the transit workers if there actually is a strike and you can't get to work, let alone on the train home from work. Did you hear the bit on NPR this morning when they asked people on the trains who they would blame? Who would you blame?

This is the longest comment ever. I think I'll go back to my own blog now. Sorry, dude.

At 4:59 PM, Blogger eefers said...

dude. where's my transit strike?

At 11:31 AM, Blogger eefers said...

there's my steeeeeeeeeerike!

At 11:42 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

you asked for it, you got it!


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