Wednesday, December 21


My sister got me a gig doing photography at the Howard Stern after party at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square last Friday. This was my best shot of him that I managed by briefly borrowing an all access pass into the small area Howard was in. He looks a bit stunned which is understandable as he was signing autographs and doing interviews for about 3 hours straight. It was pretty crazy:


That shot was put on the main yahoo page today (I'm assuming my sister put it there) so that's pretty cool.

My sister blogged about the entire moving of his show from K-Rock to Sirius. You can check it out here.

She interviewed the entire staff cept for Howard, who was busy as hell all week. But she did manage to get a shot with him before the end of the day Friday.

Unfortunately that was like the one shot I didn't take! My sister got Artie to take it. When she asked, he informed her that he was holding a drink. She took his drink, handed him the camera and said something to the effect of, "Now I'm holding the drink so take the picture." He did. I think that picture got the most press so far including like over 14,000 views on flickr.

The funniest story of the entire ordeal came Thursday night. I stayed at my sisters hotel in Times Square for fear of the possible MTA strike on Friday (which was averted but only briefly as we all now know). She was busy with work all night so around 11PM I went out to do some street photography. The cold multicolored evening Manhattan streets were glazed with rain, which always makes for some nice shots:


After snapping off a few like that, I saw two guys who said hello and asked what I had been up to that night.

I said, "just shooting."

One guy said, "Is there a firing range around here?"

I said, "Uh I mean with my camera."

The one guy introduced himself and shook my hand. I asked what they were up to.

The same guy who asked the dumb question said, "We were just across the street at the Playpen."

I looked at my hand and asked in a semi-disgusted way, "Did you guys beat off in there?"

"Yeah" they both gleefully giggled.

I informed them how nasty that was and in an attempt to calm my nerves he said not to worry because they had, "washed up". That didn't really make me feel much better. I realized I wouldn't be able to touch anything with my right hand until getting back to the hotel to wash up proper. "Proper" meaning using bleach and acid on my hands.

After some more chitchat I realized that I was talking to Sal the Stockbroker from the Howard Stern Show, and Schuli, another Stern sidekick.

I immediately called my sister on my cell as I realized what a funny coincidence this was. The guys had just come back from Philly or somewhere doing a show and got back in the city to catch a quick film before going back to their hotel. The next morning they were to be on the final public broadcast of the Howard Stern show.

My sister and her friend/coworker Heather came downstairs and we all chatted for a few minutes before they hailed a cab. I had my sister take this picture of us:

Me not wanting to touch Sal the stockbroker

Sal was a cool guy though and we hung out a bit at the party the following day. He had a huge crush on my sister and insisted on continually telling me how beautiful she was.

It was a great time. I shook hands with Ba Ba BOOEY, got a few close up shots of Sheryl Crow, and saw Martha Stewart introduce Howard to the crowd.

And to end the day I even managed to swing myself a picture with Robin.


At 11:31 AM, Blogger sisi said...

the guy who you met after beating off in a porn-theatre keeps on telling you how much he likes your sister. nice.
well, he works on the Howard Stern Show I guess, there are no taboos. but still ...eehhw.

but also very funny story ...especially before you knew who they were.

At 8:46 PM, Anonymous Samantha Weber said...

Daniel- you are quite hip now. I'll have to tell all my friends I knew you way back in the Research study days. I love your photos.


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