Tuesday, December 20


Well we got our strike. I know many people were secretly wishing for this or at least humming to themselves about how it might be a bit interesting.

I won't call this a tragedy, but 7 million people not using their normal daily means of travel is a major event. A crisis if you will, and that brings people together.

I slept in today realizing that if I was going to walk my ass to work in the freezing cold I deserve some extra zzzzz's. When I got outside I stuck my thumb out and got picked up by a nice man in a SAAB. Getting in I said, "Funny thing is if there wasn't a strike you never would have picked me up right?" He said he would have regardless. Then I realized he wasn't wearing pants.

Ok so he was wearing pants but he only drove me 5 blocks up and then said he had to turn onto another street which was the opposite direction for me. I got out and thanked him.

From there I walked to the Brooklyn Bridge and hitched another ride over with a Jeep that had 3 people in it. The guy who owned the car had hand-written notes on the back windows actually seeking passengers. This is because you need at least 4 people in your car to cross over the bridge between 5AM-11AM. The time was coming up on 11AM by the time I got in their car.

I got in and thanked him. There was a Russian guy they had picked up in Sunset Park and the drivers girlfriend was in the front passenger seat. We never got checked for having 4 people so I admit I was a little nervous that they were going to kick me out of the car after getting onto the bridge. But they didn't and it was a nice pleasant ride in. Everyone smelled nice.

UPDATE: Tonight I hitch-hiked a ride home almost the entire way from a nice couple who played Spanish music the entire ride. It was pretty relaxing I even fell asleep for a few minutes.


At 10:19 PM, Blogger eefers said...

I too slept in, worked from home (though not my actual home), saw the gay cowboys and dyed my hair. No good samaritan stories for me, but I could not BELIEVE the traffic in Brooklyn. There were cops directing even on the side streets around BAM.


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