Monday, January 9


Haven't thought of a good post in awhile and can't really now but I'll give you my sister and bro-in-law's cross country website they are updating as they drive from CA to CT. They are embarking on a year long traveling journey, spanning several continents. I will hopefully be meeting them up somewhere in Asia for a few weeks.

Oh and A was False, B was True

I bought a new camera lens so I can take nice portraits of my beautiful lady:

jordana resting

and shot a wedding on New Years Eve which was my first real paying gig that I was the hired gun:

New Years Eve Wedding


At 10:32 PM, Blogger eefers said...

I knew it! But you kept putting off telling us and made me question my instinct. Bah! (But I'm glad I was right, but was the ENTIRE story true?)

At 12:47 AM, Blogger Daniel said...

funny you should ask eefers.. I felt bad about the one fib was that I wasn't sitting next to a russian guy (I don't think) right at that moment but I have sat next to russians reading their papers before and I think I sat next to someone once who faintly smelled of oranges at some point in the city as well.

but the main part of that story is all true. there was a homeless woman who gave back the dollar she was given after seeing the light (the light being some tech school ad) it was really weird and everybody was kinda looking around like what the frig is going on?

At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wonder if it was a guerrilla type marketing scheme for the trade school...

i'm all about conspiracy theory



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