Sunday, February 5


Friday night I was headed back to Brooklyn with my girl Jordana. We had reached our subway stop and I stepped out. We were going to grab a bite to eat and then meet up with some friends for a drink.

She grabbed my arm and with wide open eyes said, "Let's go to Coney Island!" How could I resist? The weather wasn't particularly cold and we hadn't really planned anything concrete yet. What a great idea I thought..and jumped back into the train as the doors began to close.

On the ride there we harassed some poor guy, but not so bad that he didn't move seats. If someone actually gets up and moves you know you're really annoying. He wouldn't take a strawberry Mento from me I had one several times though.

Coney Island is home to Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs, which we ate 2 of each. I tried a chili cheese dog but had to wipe the cheese off with a fork because it tasted like yellow bird shit. The fries were pretty good though.

Nathans 3

After our dogs we played some skeeball (which Jordana whooped me in) and I asked the guy who worked there to give us two sheriff badges for our 25 points in tickets, although they normally cost at least that just for one. I never would have thought when I was younger that you could just say, "Hey dude we just dropped 5 bucks playing these games could you maybe give us an extra piece of plastic that costs maybe 3 cents for free?" He said, "Sure, no problem." Sweet.

I was then forced under orders from the new sheriff in town to play Dance Dance Revolution. It was a rather pathetic display. Obviously. But by the second round I was getting the hang of it (a little bit).

Dance Dance Revolution

I wouldn't have thought Coney Island could be fun in February. I doubt it is normally, just depends on the company you're with.....

Coney Island Bound 4


At 1:58 PM, Blogger eefers said...

Coney Island rocks! And I'm afraid the evil developers are going to take away all its charm when they put in hotels and strip malls, and all of those things that make me want to throw up.

At 2:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...'re a dumb fuck. i hope Wal-Mart is the one doing the developing. do you think they pay more than the Nathan's Hot Dog kid makes...or the bearded woman(and not the one who's sitting on the bench eating a seagul-shit-on, stale, half-eater hot dog bun) - the carnie act.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger eefers said...


Do you hope the developers price out everyone who lives in that area, too? So, they, along with hundreds of thousands of other blue-collar New Yorkers are forced to move away from their homes?

Let's talk development, Dumbfuck.

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Jess said...

Hey! You were in my hometown! Did you "bump your ass off" too? I love the bumper cars but always leave with serious hearing damage.

Eefers, I feel you on that stuff. My family is already feeling the heat of the new developments and it's not good. We're def. being pushed out and we've been there since the 40's (not me personally)! But it's that way all over Brooklyn and the outer boroughs I guess.

Carnies are carnies because they like to carnie. They're not looking for upward mobility. The hot dog stands make a s-load of money and with the lines I see for that stuff during the summer, I can't imagine that they're so bad or stale as you say. Daniel and his gf had two each, didn't you read? Coney Island has a rich history and it would be a shame to see it destroyed by shopping malls. Period.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger eefers said...

The Brooklyn Blog-o-Sphere is slacking these days (myself included). Post!


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