Thursday, January 19


Over at flickr there's a group I'm a member of named, DeleteMe Uncensored. The group consists of members who submit a photograph into a pool and then other members vote to either Save or Delete that picture from the pool.

If you reach 10 deletes your picture is booted out and you can submit another one. It is basically a critiquing tool but incorporates a lot of humor and heavy doses of sarcasm as well. IF however you get 10 saves, your photograph is put into the Folio, a collection of saved images.

But you are also eligible to drop it into a new pool called the DM Gallery. This new gallery is different because the number of photographs cannot exceed 200. So when you get a shot saved you can submit it to the DM Gallery but you must remove a current photograph that you feel is the weakest of the 200.

The point is to create a stunning photostream containing 200 of the better images found on flickr. It's interesting because choosing that one picture to delete while adding your own is going to cause some friction between group members and most certainly hurt feelings.

The group just started so only a few shots have been deleted so far. Luckily none of my submissions have been booted yet but I'm sure a few will in the future.


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