Monday, October 23

"DerrrrrRRRRR" says the pumpkin

duhhhhh, originally uploaded by smoothdude.

Our pumpkin looks a bit challenged.. the one above which we carved, not my pumpkin here jordana at red hook

We carved our pumpkin yesterday while watching Grizzly Man, a story about a guy single handely answered the question, "Does a bear shit in the woods" with a resounding yes when he stuck his hand into a steaming pile of actual bear crap.

Oh and he was later eaten by a bear. Its actually an amazing film I recommend seeing.. astonishing and sad

and there's bear poop in it

Wednesday, October 18

hanger steak

hanger steak, originally uploaded by smoothdude.

So I keep meaning to start a photoblog but I realize I should just use my current blog since I've been too busy to really get a specific photoblog up and running.

I know a few loyal fans check in once in awhile but for those who don't know I've been doing photography a lot recently.. this was a shoot I did this past Sunday at a restaurant in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn for Brooklyn Papers.

Hopefully it will be in this Saturdays issue but who knows. I'm sick right now too I have a bad sore throat.

I got to bring home this steak and eat was good. big perk of food photography :)