Monday, August 21


Take a look at the reviews for this Pur water filtration system here and here.

Now I consider myself a maven similar to the one Gladwell creates in his wonderful Tipping Point, but even I was a bit blown away by these glowing reviews. I never liked my current Brita filtration system and think the designs of their pitchers are all horrid.

The reviews on (which by the way a good maven always checks before making a purchase) were mixed about Brita. Some people liked them some complained about their design and some people just have nothing better to do than review a water filtration system. I love that someone said "This thing will change your life!" That's brilliant.

I was on the lookout for a new larger pitcher, possibly one of those huge spout ones that hold like 50 gallons of water. I was disappointed by what Brita had to offer.

Then I decided to search around a bit more and remembered there's a challenger in the seedy underworld of water filtration society once dominated by the ruthless leader Brita. Pur is the new kid in town.

Those reviews.. my god! I couldn't believe it.. it's rare that one product has so many glowing reviews on any website. I was so blown away I flicked off my old brita pitcher and purchased the Pur Ultimate Water Dispensing Badboy. I will receive it in 3-5 business days and will let you know how it is.

Tuesday, August 1


God its fucking hot out. My AC that I bought from my best friend is on the fritz..The thing has always been a POS since I got it.

Monty Burns 101: I cant believe u made me pay you more than u bought it for
bff: I didn't buy it my roommate gave it to me
Monty Burns 101: u really know how to get a good friend
Monty Burns 101: and how much did I give u?
Monty Burns 101: $100?
Monty Burns 101: wait what? u lied to me
Monty Burns 101: u said you bought it with your roommate
bff: oh
bff: yeah
bff: :)
Monty Burns 101: nice dude
Monty Burns 101: I couldn't pay my rent that month
Monty Burns 101: I made falafel again tonight
Monty Burns 101: and put them in my boxers and smashed them against the wall
bff: u could prob cook them on your wall its so hot
Monty Burns 101: I made a tomato/cucumber/red onion salad with fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, and S&P
Monty Burns 101: on fresh made Damascus pita bread
Monty Burns 101: then I filled my bathtub up with ice cubes and sat there eating it
bff: ha

It was so hot today a homeless looking guy walked up to the hot dog vendor outside of my building on 125 Worth Street with a wrinkled dirty $1 bill. He gave it to the vendor and the vendor said, "What can I get you?"

The guy just looks at him and says, "Shit man a fucking soda!" but he said it in a way that sounded like "Obviously what do you think I want?"

I also saw the same vendor later that day eating food he got from the gyro cart guy who sits in front of Duane Reade on Worth street.. I thought that was weird..Do cart guys swap food or does the hot dog guy just want to live longer than his customers?