Monday, July 31


Well I loved this rug that I've only owned maybe a year now. It's a shag rug and brings back memories of childhood when my pops had sweet shag rugs all over our house in Sherman, Connecticut.

Anyway this shag rug kinda sheds a lot and doesn't really work in my apartment..and most of all my woman don't like it! ha she's going to KILL me for this..anyway I just posted this adon craigslist.

Thursday, July 27


Who done gone and decided that lemons should be so fucking expensive? I think they're like 50 cents each now.. what puts them at such a premium over limes? I bought 8 fucking limes for a dollar a few weeks ago at the new Fairway in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

They have unreal full sour pickles there.. sooo good that I splashed some of the brine on my face like aftershave.. Jordana didn't think that was funny though.

But the lemons..why so expenive? I hate when things get expensive like a small bottle of soda for $1.25 WHY WHY

I came home tonight and thought some hooligans had thrown eggs on the back of my car but it turns out it was just bird shit.. I think the bird was ill because it was disgusting.. what's wrong with those things they just fly and shit fly and shit. If humans just crapped as they were walking I think our society wouldn't be as advanced as it is. What does all this have to do with the prices of lemons in Brooklyn?


Here's a picture of me that my friend at work took..she's leaving to be the medical director at some clinic in Queens and said she was going to miss seeing me with my helmet on just walking around the department of health looking like I wore it all day (not just to ride my bike) So I told her I actually went into the bathroom with it on at the end of the day yesterday and some guy looked at me kinda funny.. I realized that when someone wears a helmet into the bathroom they probably look like they shouldn't be in there by themselves.

especially when they wear shorts and look like this:

daniel rides again

Wednesday, July 5


If you need to find someone's phone number online there are several websites you can use.

and there's probably a few others but I use those. absolutely blows balls when it comes to finding someone.. I don't think my searches with them have yielded a correct result ever. The other sites I get hits sometimes but anywhoo is just worthles. Even when I try to search my own name I can't get anything on them.


Monday, July 3


So I was reading yet another article about space shuttles again.. well actually I was only reading the title because actually reading these articles are so frigging boring I'd choose just about anything over that..give me the choice between an interview with Pauly Shore and a space shuttle article and I'll.. well ok maybe not but still.

FREAKING BORING. You realize we spend like 15 billion a year on space shuttle programs? Who authorizes this bullshit I mean seriously.. I'm sure there's much to learn from space but there's plenty of work that needs to be done on this country with that money right now.

Anyway the way I interpreted the NY Times article today, Monday July 3rd, 2006 was much more interesting than the actual original article was.

"Crack is found in Shuttle's Foam Insulation"
Crack is found in shuttle's foam insulation

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla., July 3 —Inspectors found what they called "crack" in the foam insulation of the space shuttle Discovery's external fuel tank early today. NASA managers are meeting to determine whether these discovered narcotics will affect a planned liftoff Tuesday afternoon, according to the space agency.

"We don't know who stuffed this crack rock in the insulation as of now," spokesman George Diller said today at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Kennedy Space Center. He followed with, "Our laboratory is currently testing the shit out to see how pure it actually is."

Problems with hiding drugs in the insulating foam on the fuel tank have been a concern and a high priority for NASA since pieces of the foam broke away during launch and led to the destruction of the shuttle Columbia on Feb. 1, 2003. When asked for comment, Discovery crew member Kenny Longsmith said "Bitches be stealing my shit!" which seemed to have no relevance to the current situation.

NASA grounded the shuttle fleet after the accident, and spent more than $1 billion to redesign the orbiters, focusing on securing the foam. When asked for comment George Diller was interrupted by Kenny Longsmith who interjected with, "You think for a billion bucks you could fix us some fucking cubby holes for our crack. Fuck you thinkin?"

On the only flight since then, a mission by Discovery a year ago, the shedding of foam was greatly reduced, but several pieces did break free that were large enough to damage the shuttle's heat shield if they had struck it. Shuttles have not flown since then, while NASA once again addressed the problem, including removing more than 35 pounds of foam and making other changes. NASA promises to waste a tremendous amount of taxpayers money in the near future.