Tuesday, March 20


A few funny things.

One - Yesterday a guy chased me halfway down the street saying "buddy, buddy hey" I was like what fork? he had a yarmulke on too (not that it makes a difference).

I thought maybe I dropped something.

I took my headphones off and he said, "Hey I saw you looking in my store. I have the barber shop right back there. You want to come in for a nice haircut?"

I was like uhhhh no.

It was really strange..I've never been chased down the street by someone offering me a haircut.

Two - I got The Devil Wears Prada in the mail today from Netflix. I thought maybe Jordana went into my account and ordered for me as a joke. I was like what the flark? I went to check my queue and didn't even see it in there so it was just a mistake from them.

I'm watching it now and it's really not so bad..don't tell anyone though.

Friday, March 2


I just realized that if you were one of the first few people to have a telephone who did you call? You're just sitting at home going "Man this thing is great I can call anyone in the world maybe I'll call Lady Sisslewick in York and see how their doing."

Then you pick up the phone and start to dial and realize that they don't even have a phone. So then you put your phone down and go outside and hump a goat.

Because that's how it was done in the olden days.