Thursday, November 18


I Went to Union Square today during my lunch hour and stood in line while Howard Stern came out and preached to the crowd about his new Sirius satellite radio.

We were supposed to get free radios and I guess we kinda did but I felt a bit shafted. He handed out real radios and free 1 year subscriptions to the first 200 people there, and the rest of us got these certificates.

But I believe anyone even if you weren't there can use the certificate. The catch is you have to sign up for a year to get your free home or car radio kit. It says that it's a $150 off but you still gotta pay $142.45 for the year long subscription. I guess it's good if you're certain that you want this thing.

Anyway for anyone who wants one you have till November 24th. Go to:


- enter promotion code 263

- Then select the system you want and enter the certificate number: HS7436 in "referral ID" field

Not sure if I'm going to go for it because I don't like that year long commitment. I don't have a car so that turns me off but I think it might be fun to have at home.

Tuesday, November 16


My barber cut my hair maybe for the last time tonight since I am moving to Brooklyn at the end of the month. As he snipped short pieces of my brown glory away he said, "I learned most of my English from Perfect Strangers, Facts of Life, and Mr. Belvedere."

When I heard that I almost laughed out loud..Until I realized that I probably learned a lot from watching those shows as well. But then he went on to say, "That Mr. Belvedere was very sophisticated." I almost burst out again.

But then I realized, you know what, this guy is right. Mr. Belvedere was one classy motherfucker. The British butlers though working for the American families somehow managed to make them look more like serfs while they walked around in a tux. But they still had to dust and vacuum.

I believe one can learn life lessons from shows and that ain't no lie. I remember one Christmas day at my father's house being a perfect example.

My brother was acting-a-fool and cursed at my stepmother in a very nasty way. My father in a fury said that we weren't going to the Hartford Whalers game because of his actions. The Whalers are no longer an NHL hockey team just FYI. So now because of my brother being so out of line our grand Christmas hockey plans possibly lay in ruin.

I remember being outside shooting basketballs in the snow on our new hoop when my father came outside to discuss his decision. He was wavering and didn't want to ruin the day by not going to the game but realized giving in wouldn't be the wisest thing either.

I went into a long diatribe about what would happen if he did in fact "Give in." I gave an example of an episode of the Simpsons when Bart got in a lot of trouble. At one point Bart took Grandpa's teeth out of his mouth and smashed them up with a hammer and then put them back while he was sleeping. Homer punished Bart by sending him to bed with no pizza. After hearing Bart's cries of hunger from his room, eventually Homer snuck upstairs and brought the boy some pizza with the promise that Bart would not be bad again. As Homer left the room Bart could be heard chuckling as he started to eat the pizza and saying the word, "Suckerrrrr."

I told my father that if he gave in it would give my brother permission to be bad anytime, and still get what he wanted, just like Bart felt at that moment. We ended up going to the game and not sticking to my brother's punishment. I still believe this was a pivotal moment in his upbringing and honestly, he went downhill from then and got much worse after that.

I'm pleased to say that he is doing great right now and making me and my father proud. He's also earning more money than me that little bastard! but that's cool.

Long live the Simpsons.

Saturday, November 13


I know I haven't posted in a long, long time like longer than the beginning of that long ass Star Wars intro where you're like ok already just start the frigging movie cause that slanted writing is freaking me out making me think I'm going to lose the text up in the corner of the screen.

I guess I have been in mourning/hiding since the election. How someone worthwhile couldn't be pitted against Bush is beyond me. Almost half the country voted for someone they couldn't really get behind..just sad. They didn't really vote for Kerry in my opinion, they casted a vote against Bush. I just hope the next four years doesn't negatively change the landscape of this country forever, a country which I still love.

I have been busy trying to rent my apartment out for the month of December so I can sign this new lease on my sweet Brooklyn pad. Hopefully it will all work out. More posts to come don't fret my dears.

One thing I wanted to post is a little something about the election which made me proud. I realized after the election that all the women in my life right now voted against Bush. My mother, my sister, my grandmother, and my girlfriend all voted for Kerry. All of the women in my life are strong intelligent people with well crafted opinions and beliefs. They are forward thinking, liberal minded people have helped me to become the person I am today. I have always admired my mother's and my sister's ability to think creatively and outside the box. My grandmother constantly amazes me at the age of 80 as she discusses recent arty films and books that she reads (she reads like one a week which is a lot more than I do.) She also attends a current events class...I think she plays Canasta and stuff too but hey she's old give her a break.

And every woman I've dated has been smarter than me as well..I think I need that or I just would lose interest. But I still can whoop them all at trivial pursuit, and arm wrestling.

In closing I just had an idea. I'm going to copy and paste one of my old posts as a cover letter for jobs I'm applying to. What do you think about that?