Wednesday, July 27


First off, the foot is not totally healed and I didn't help it by stupidly running off to Connecticut for a BBQ Friday and then a bachelor party in Atlantic City Saturday night. To top it off Sunday I went to an all day rooftop party at a friend's place down the block when I got home. Jesus coated cornflakes that is a long weekend. Stitches will hopefully be coming out Thursday (there were 5 of them for all those who asked). I've been taking it easy this week trying to fix myself up.

All said it was a better weekend than last.

Friday night Pete started the bachelor party with some fancy BBQ. Ribs with a delicious dry citrus mixture rub followed by filet mignon with a gorgonzola sauce and baby red potatoes with fresh rosemary from his garden..dang loc that don't go with 40s.

since 4th grade
Me and my boy Ryan

scott at night
Gotta get a little artistic even at a BBQ right?

Moving on to Saturday. Atlantic City, home of karaoke hookup bars, mediocre cuisine, and dirty strip clubs. It was a good time.

Bobby C
Bobby chillin with a Tecate at the hotel (click this photo to view my flickr account if you're interested in how I got the color in the can).

the crew
The crew at the end of the trip. Bachelor Boy was second to left, next to me.

Back home on Sunday after another long ass drive. Thanks for driving V! The one from CT to AC took 5 freaking hours. Note to everyone: DO NOT travel on the Garden State Parkway on a beautiful sunny Saturday in the summer.

Fun times and good food again, thanks Kris.

chillin by the pool
Rooftop Party

laura and daniel shadow
Rooftop shadows

bobbing for bacteria
I titled this Bobbing for bacteria. Vin decided to first jump into the kiddie pool and later fish out the spilled sangria fruit with his face. This pool was sitting on the rooftop in the sun for several hours. But the best part is everyone had their dirty feet sitting in the pool after walking around on the roof all day.

Well, everyone's feet were in the pool cept mine of course. The stitches remember! Oh and even if I didn't have an injured toe I still wouldn't have put my feet in that filthy, parasitic-bacteria-ridden water..Come on you all know me better than that.

Tuesday, July 19


I was talking with my grandma tonight on the phone. I call her Granny G for some reason although her first name doesn't start with a "G". I think it's more of a reference to her influential work in the world of Hip Hop.

Anyway the conversation ended like this:

Me: Grandma I think my phone is dying.

Grandma: Oh I don't like the sound of that.

I started dying laughing and she said, "what's so funny?" And I explained to her the levity of the it's really not that big of a deal if the battery on my cell phone is dying.

Then she started laughing, and we were both laughing.

Then I hung up on her.

For more fun family stuff check out a little post my sister wrote about our mother HERE.

Also listen to my sis last Friday getting chatty on wbcs radio with some media gossip HERE.

Sunday, July 17


This weekend wasn't the best one ever. Early Saturday I somehow slammed my foot underneath my couch while running to answer the delivery man at my door. I thought I just jammed it really bad. It hurt but I looked at it and it seemed fine. After paying for my lunch I shut my door and looked down, only to see a pool of dark red blood forming underneath my foot on my hardwood floors.

blood on the shag
Evidence exhibit A: Blood on my new shag rug. FUCCCCCCCCCCK!

After some typical Daniel hypochondriacitic behavior (I think I just made up my own variation on that word) I ran around my apartment getting blood everywhere and then tried to clean it the best I could in my bathtub. I ended up making the decision to go to the Emergency room. My father who is a surgeon, told me over the phone I probably didn't need to go...But after following his instructions of soaking it in hydrogen peroxide and cleaning it well, it started to bleed badly again.

daniel 0015
Thank you Mr. Nurse guy for taking care of my foot.

The nurse unwrapped my foot and said, "Now what would possess you to put cotton balls on that open wound?" I think I answered, "I'd have to say because I'm an idiot?" But I had put triple antibacterial ointment first and then the cotton balls and then wrapped it up.

A doc then came in the room and stitched me up. I asked if I could take a picture of him but he said not unless I wanted to be sued. I think he was kidding.

Before he went to work on me, I called my father again and made sure I should go through with it. My dad was just like "Yeah dude just listen to what he's telling you because he's right there looking at it and I'm just on the phone." Duhh makes sense right?

daniel 0009
Evidence Exhibit B: Me not happy picture. Me gunna get stitches and walk funny for a few weeks.

Didn't really hurt much after he jammed a needle in my foot about 5 times to numb the area and avoid any pain. But the thing is, that hurt. I asked him to squirt some of the stuff in the needle on my tongue. He said no.

Afterwards I limped to an Eckerds drugstore on Atlantic Ave which didn't have the antibiotics the doc prescribed me. Oh and I had to limp up a big flight of stairs to their pharmacy to be told that. I limped back down and went to the CVS on Court street which thankfully had them.

Now I'm home all bandaged up and bored because I want to go out and take cool pictures but I really can't walk too well at this moment. But hey this pic is kinda cool:

sewn up

Oh and the rug is ok because I know that's what you were all worried about. It's a sweet 8x11 shag I just got so I understand your concern. I let the blood dry and then just snipped out the spots with scissors. Gotta love the shag.

Tuesday, July 12


I've been compiling my favorite referrals through internet search engines (mostly Google and Yahoo). I can track how people were referred to my site and what they typed in, to get here. All of them obviously match words that I've written in posts of mine, but don't always represent what I was talking about. Does that make sense? Basically someone goes to Google and types in "Willy Wonka naked" and if I happen to have a post on my website about Willy Wonka being naked (which I don't) my website will come up as one of the results and whoever the sick fuck is that is doing the searching will click on my website if he/she is so inclined. Then I can see what they typed through my site meter program.

Some examples:

Why did my cat pee on the wall

how to make brie

Dear God, please find me a job

Chinese Fortunes
(you would be shocked how many people do this search)

Banging Wives (I was shocked to learn I used that phrase...or was I?)

conjoined bananas

Banannas will be extinct soon

MBNA Republicans

Cheese makes me constipated

guinness fat twins riding motorcycles

lunch + cubicle food smell

can't cancel

Home sex change surgery kit

That last one has to be my favorite. I don't know who is stranger, the person who was searching for this or the fact I wrote awhile back that I was going to tell people at my high school graduation that I am the inventor of the first "Home sex change surgery kit?" What exactly would be in that kit? I don't really want to think about it actually.

Thursday, July 7


A friend of mine called me at work yesterday and asked if I wanted to do a one night road trip to Philly. When he said all expenses would be paid through his company and I could pick out whatever restaurant we would dine at for lunch the next day, I said I was in.

For about 5 solid minutes driving through New Jersey, there was a smell so bad I wanted to jump out of the window. I think it was right after the Verizano bridge:


Arrived around 11:30 PM after somehow wandering off I-95 and driving into Delaware. Upon arrival we were starving and ate at the famous Pats King of Steaks which was pretty damn good but rather filthy for a food establishment. They have a celebrity picture of an NSYNC member on their website so duhhh I had to go.

Across the street is Geno's which is also famous. I almost ate another one there but didn't want to go to bed feeling too nauseous. My pic of Pat's didn't come out so here is one of Geno's instead:

steak shop

We met this crazy guy in a jumpsuit wandering around the cheesesteak district muttering a bit. When he saw me with my camera he said, "Wanna take a picture of me? Go ahead!!" So I did. He had a yellow jumpsuit/flannel pajama thing on under his coat. There must have been 30 cute girls in that area but I can't take pictures of women like that without the fear that one will yell out PERVERT!!! So you get this guy instead. I call him Jumpsuit Johnny:

jumpsuit johnny

Hotel room kinda sucked. I left my charger for my new phone there. Oh and I realized in my haste while packing I not only took two shoes from different pairs...but yes they were both for the left foot. What the hell is wrong with me?:

two left feet

Pete preparing for his business meeting before bedtime:


Friday afternoon walking around Philadelphia saw some interesting people:

lounge break

Trumpet blower:

cat 2

cat 1

A cab driver fixing his flat:

cab driver 2

He needed to call for backup:

cab driver

The day finished with the Chef Tasting Menu at Morimoto for lunch. Thanks Pete:


*If anyone is interested, most of these pictures were enhanced/cropped/adjusted using photoshop.